Use Any Credit to Qualify for Auto Loans

Any Credit Auto Loans

We all know that every person is created equal, but anyone can have a different credit score. Your credit is often the deciding factor for a number of purchases, especially with any credit car sales that exist. When you have perfect credit, you can enjoy the convenience of being qualified with low interest rates and payments for any vehicle you want. On the other hand, if you have had credit problems in the past, it may be harder for you to get the automobile you're looking for.

There are programs at Dougs Credit Center that allow us to offer any credit auto loans so that everyone in the Seattle area feels that they are created equal, even when it comes to bad credit. They know that there are some poor credit situations that are out of the control of those who are involved including:

  • Unexpected medical bills
  • Divorce
  • Loss of job
  • Accidents

Any of these situations can happen to just about anybody, regardless of past credit history; the situation can take a person from having ideal credit to having extremely poor credit, effecting everything from their stress to their low credit rating. Even if you have had other issues like bankruptcy or slow payments in the past, the programs who offer any credit auto loans will look at you the same as everybody else; equal.

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Get the Vehicle you Want

When most people hear guaranteed auto loans or buy here pay here, they think of older model vehicles that are only worth about half of their asking price. These Seattle dealers have received a bad name due to a few that made the business look sleazy. The fact is, most of these dealers offer vehicles that are newer models, adequately equipped and priced at or below book value. These vehicles may include four door family sedans, SUV’s, 4x4 trucks, mini vans or even sporty little two door coupes. Whatever your need, your second chance financing team can help you find it.

Few Requirements

The biggest benefit to using the guaranteed approach for auto financing is that most people are approved regardless of your credit. Now, just because you are guaranteed credit through your credit report, you still need to meet a few minimal requirements. Each program and every bad credit auto loan lender will have their own set of requirements but they will include things like having a certain amount of time on the job, a minimal amount of monthly income that can be verified and at least 18 years of age. As long as these minimal requirements have been met, you can be driving home in the vehicle you want the same day as filling out your application.

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