Auto Finance Guaranteed Today For People With Bad Credit

Auto Finance Guaranteed Today For People With Bad Credit

You should be able to get the car that you want even if you have a less than stellar credit history. A couple of missed payments a few years ago shouldn't be keeping you from having safe and reliable transportation. The next time you go to the dealer, you should know that you can get guaranteed auto loan financing for people with bad credit.

Get A Great Rate Without Great Credit

The dealership that you choose to do business with will have programs that offer guaranteed auto finance. Doug's Credit Center is just such a dealership. This means that you can visit our Lynnwood, WA used car lot you can be confident that money issues will not stop you from getting the car that you want.

For many people, not having an automobile means not having a ride to work every day. Your dealer understands this and will work with you to get your financing even without good credit - guaranteed.

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Help Yourself Get A Loan Today

Although we always do all we can to get you approved, there are a few ways to help yourself out as well.

  • If you have the money for a down payment, that will reduce the amount of the car that needs to be financed. This reduces the risk to the dealer and will reduce your interest rate as a result.
  • Another action that you can take if you have poor credit is to have someone cosign for the loan.

Flexible Payment Options Help You Get Approved

The dealer will negotiate a payment plan that will help you make payments on time. For example, you may be able to make payments on a biweekly schedule or have the money automatically taken out of your bank account on a certain day each month. This helps you make your payments and helps you repair your credit at the same time. It is a win-win for both the customer and the dealer.

If your credit has stopped you from getting a car loan in the past, understand that it doesn't have to hold you back anymore. Talk to a dealer near you about financing options that are available for you right now.

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