How to Get Bad Credit Car Loans with Guaranteed Approval?

Bad Credit Car Loans Guaranteed Approval

If you are facing bad credit challenges, getting a car loan in Lynnwood, WA may seem out of reach. When it comes to bad credit, car loans with guaranteed approval don’t always belong together but there are ways to still get approved. No matter what the setback was for your financial situation, a divorce, a job loss or an injury, there are lenders that look past blemishes on your credit.

Locating Bad Credit Lenders for Guaranteed Approval

Being turned down by your local bank or dealership can be discouraging. With poor credit scores, car loans are never guaranteed, but approval can be within reach if you know what to look for. Most banks require a high credit score of at least 650 or above to get auto financing approval. Most dealerships in the Lynnwood area also have stringent credit criteria because they serve as a broker to several lenders. Here are a few key elements to look for when searching for a lender who accepts a bad credit history:

It is important to inquire about credit criteria before your initial visit so you know if you have to bring in any documents to process the loan application.

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Even though certain lenders in Washington like may look past your bad credit history, there may be certain requirements you will have to meet. A steady income will likely be one of the main requirements you will have to meet in order to qualify. This can come from your current job, social security benefits or child support. Make sure you can provide proof of these forms of income. The last 12 to 24 months of pay stubs and tax returns should be sufficient.

A significant down payment or trade-in can help assure that you will qualify for a bad credit auto loan from a lender. For example, if the balance on the vehicle is $5,000 a payment of at least $500 or more in addition to fees, will improve your chances of approval. You will also need to provide proof of current residence. This is important so that you show a sense of security and responsibility. Copies of your past 12 months of rent or mortgage payments as well as utility payments can be used for verification purposes.


There are several advantages to acquiring a vehicle through a bad credit dealer. You don’t have to meet strict credit requirements or worry about past due bills or credit cards with high balances. Payments are often convenient to make at the Dougs Credit Center dealership or online. Making car payments on time also improves your overall credit. Don’t wait, seek out a auto loan today. Owning your own car is easier than you think.

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