How to Get Guaranteed Credit Approval When Buying Cars

Buying Cars With Guaranteed Credit Approval

Buying cars with guaranteed credit approval is an easier process than many consumers in Lynnwood, WA realize. Those with bad credit, poor credit or no credit will find that they have more options than they know to get a great vehicle and a good price. There are many reasons that a consumer may need to get guaranteed car loan approval, and many reasons why they would not be able to get a loan at a bank without a co-signer.

Why People Need Guaranteed Approval with Bad Credit

Many consumers today have bad credit through no fault of their own. The economic recession has made it very difficult for people to cope, and bankruptcies and foreclosures can have a significant impact on someone's credit score. Some consumers don't even have low credit, they simply have no credit. This can happen if the consumer decides to be responsible and not use credit cards or if the consumer is simply young and hasn't established their credit history yet. All of these scenarios will usually lead to a bank or credit union refusing a loan for these consumers.

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Going to In-House Dealerships

However, there are other options open that consumers need to be aware of. Consumers can use a dealership to get guaranteed auto credit approval at any time. Many dealerships now offer in-house financing to help high risk borrowers. Due to the fact that banks are no longer helping these borrowers, dealerships have found that it is more beneficial for them to offer financing directly.

Dealerships with in-house financing are getting more common today and can usually be found in any major city. The dealership will have its own financing department that will offer the opportunity to buy cars with guaranteed approval for those with no credit or poor credit. They will also be able to offer very competitive rates to individuals that have average, good or excellent credit. This means that a dealership can serve as a one stop shop for all of the consumer's auto financing and auto selection needs.

Things to Bring to the Car Lot
  • Valid forms of identification.
  • A valid and current driver's license.
  • Pay stubs or another form of wage statement.

How to Finance through a Dealership

Those that wish to finance through a dealer simply need to go to the Doug's Credit Center car lot in Lynnwood and find a vehicle that they need and can afford. Our dealership will then work with them to find an adequate car loan solution that will cover the dealer's risk and provide a workable solution for the consumer. The dealership can often be very flexible about their loan terms and repayment terms which makes it very easy for the consumer to get something that will fit appropriately into their budget.

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