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Check the recalls for used cars for sale

When shopping around to buy or finance a used car there are a number of things that you should check and double check before purchasing. First of all make sure the vehicle(s) you are looking at fit what you need from a vehicle, not just what you want. To do this you can ask yourself a few very simple questions.

  • Is good gas mileage a crucial factor in your purchase? Are you always driving long distances?
  • Are you going to need extra room for the (big) little ones in your life?
  • What about additional towing capabilities?
  • Will you be needing room for storage and extra breathing room?
  • Did you check for any recalls on the vehicles you are considering?

If you are like most of us, just buying a new or used car with cash right out of your pocket is just not an option. The need for auto financing is a real one; imagine financing a vehicle that a year or two down the road really doesn’t meet your needs, or even worse breaks down due to a recall that you were completely unaware of.

Financing the Right Used Car

If you are shopping around for a used vehicle one very important piece of information to check on is if the specific make and model has any recalls, past or present. As most used car dealers know, but consumers do not is that if any recalls exist on a vehicle they are not required to have the part repaired; or even notify the buyer about the current flaw. That is why doing your homework is so utterly important.

Imagine getting an auto loan for a vehicle that has a recall out on one of its components that has not been replaced, three months later the vehicle breaks down and an insurance claim is involved; who do you think is responsible for the deductible or raised insurance premiums? If you didn’t guess it the answer is you, the consumer.

One of the best ways to begin your research is by pulling a vehicle history report to get a handle on where the car has been and what type of care was given to that specific vehicle. But don’t base your decision to buy the vehicle or not on that report, an inspection by a certified mechanic should be performed before driving off the lot in your next vehicle.

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