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Do hybrid vehicles cost more to maintain?

If you are debating purchasing a hybrid automobile with local used car financing, you might be wondering if these vehicles cost more to maintain. The answer is, in general, no. In fact, many of a hybrid’s features will save you money.

The costs of maintaining a hybrid you bought with financing from a local dealer with financing

Some aspects of maintaining a hybrid are the same as gas-powered cars, such as:

  • Oil changes
  • Tire rotations
  • Air filters

Obviously, you’ll be spending less money at the gas pump, but there are other cost-saving benefits as well.

One benefit of owning  hybrid vehicles lies within the braking system, which uses the heat generated to help recharge the vehicle’s battery. This keeps the vehicle running longer between charges, which helps keep the miles per gallon higher than with conventional brakes. These regenerating brakes will often reduce the wear and tear on regular friction brakes as well, which means your brakes will last longer.

Also, the version known as a full hybrid has the ability to shut down the engine completely while the electric motor takes over. Again, this reduces the wearing away of engine parts. The slower the parts diminish, the less money you’ll spend repairing them.

There are also a number of federal incentives and tax credits car buyers can claim when they purchase a hybrid automobile. These can range anywhere from $250 to up to $3,400 depending on the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and popularity. Many states and cities also offer tax credits and sales tax exemptions.

There is one area where owning hybrid might cost you more than owning a traditionally powered car and that is in the battery. Electric drive battery packs can be expensive to replace. Replacement costs can easily reach $3,000. But bear in mind that these usually come with an 8-year warranty and as the years pass, they are becoming much more reliable and less prone to failure.

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