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Easy to Get a Free Copy of Experian Credit Report

Before you even begin shopping for a new car, you should first check your credit report. It is important that you ensure that all the information on your credit is correct. It will also give you the opportunity to pay any old outstanding debts, giving you a better chance at getting approved for a car loan at an affordable interest rate. Knowing how to get a free credit report from Experian is key to completing this important first step.


Different Ways for Getting Your Free Report

Federal law requires that all three credit bureaus, including Experian, give every person a free copy of their credit report once every 12 months. To get this, you must go to and select your Experian report. At this website, you will only get your credit report for free. If you wish to see your credit score, you will be charged a small fee.

You can also visit several other websites, such as and At these sites, you will be offered the opportunity to check both your Experian credit report and score for free, but in order to do so, you must enroll in the website’s credit monitoring service. You may be able to avoid a fee if a trial period is offered and you cancel the service during that trial. Be sure to write down instructions for canceling the service, as this is often not readily available.

Finally, you may also be able to get a free copy of your Experian credit report if you have been turned down for car loan financing, or some other form of credit, and the lender used your Experian credit report as the basis for that denial. You must wait until you receive a letter explaining why you were turned down for your car loan. This letter will contain information you will need to claim your free Experian credit report.

Steps to Get Your Free Report

No matter which website you use to get your free Experian credit report, you will follow the same steps. These include:

  • Entering your personal information
  • Answering a few questions to confirm your identity
  • Agreeing to the website’s terms and conditions

It takes only a few minutes to get a free copy of your Experian credit report. Doing this first can make it much easier to get an affordable car loan, enabling you to buy the car of your dreams.

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