Fresh Start Auto Loans in the Seattle Area

Fresh Start Auto Loans in the Seattle Area

Everybody in the Seattle are deserves a second chance at financing for the auto loan they want and everybody should get that second chance. That is why we at specialize in fresh start auto loans, as we won’t let your past credit history get in the way when deciding if we will lend you the money you need for the car you want. These second chance auto loans offer you a new and innovative way to get the financing you deserve, even if your credit history has been compromised.

It is just how it sounds, it is a fresh start; as long as you make your monthly payments on time, every time, you will have a second chance at credit worthiness as most will report your good credit standing to all of the major credit reporting bureau; influencing a more positive report and increasing your credit score. There are just a few requirements that most bad credit car dealers in the Seattle area require which may include the basics like:

  • Verifiable income
  • Over the age of 18
  • Ready for a fresh start

There are numerous Seattle lenders who are ready and willing to give consumers a fresh start, no matter what their past looks like.

Who Qualifies for a Fresh Start?

Just about anyone can qualify for second chance auto finance loans when they apply with us. As long as the borrower meets our specific requirements, they can qualify easily, even if your credit score is so low that no lender has offered you financing in the past.

Every lender is different when it comes to the qualification process but most will require basic things like a verifiable income and over the age of 18, others may put a requirement on what the income is, like over $700 a month or they may look at the debt to income ratio to ensure that the borrower can make their monthly payments. In any case, the credit report is often glanced at for interest rate purposes or not looked at at all, therefore, past credit issues are often not a problem when it comes to this kind of financing.

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Types of Vehicles

Many Seattle residents who are considering fresh start loans wonder what kind of vehicle they are going to get into if they do not have perfect credit. The fact is, most are able to get any kind of vehicle with a bad credit auto loan that will fit all of their needs; and look great too. Whether you are in the market for a basic four door family car, an SUV or even a minivan or pickup truck, these lenders want you to have the vehicle you need and one that will also be reliable as studies show that when you enjoy your vehicle, you do not want to lose it which results in the payments being made and the vehicle being paid off on time which makes the borrower and the lender both successful.

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