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The way we see it at Doug's Credit Center everyone is approved for a car loan with our guaranteed auto financing. If you have a job and a small down payment we will get you driving the same day. Other local King County auto dealers can not offer you the chance at buying a car with bad credit so quickly. These used car lots are not equipped to offer guaranteed auto loans to those with high risk, damaged, or a really horrible credit history.

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Why Used Cars from BHPH Lots Might Be Your Best Option
Many people are looking to buy a used car but struggle with their credit score opt to visit a local buy here pay here lot, but is this right for you.

Things to Look for in Local Tote the Note Car Lots in Kent, WA
When you need to purchase a vehicle with low finances or credit scores, then it may be the perfect time to pursue a local tote the note dealer for help.

Understanding the Services on Buy Here Pay Here Dealership
The use of a buy here pay here dealership can provide people in Kirkland, WA an opportunity to get guaranteed loan approval.

Applying for Loans from Car Dealers with In-House Financing
The use of a car dealer with an in-housing financing program can really benefit people with bad credit.

Seattle Area Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots

Many people that are really desperate with messed up credit purchase old, high mileage, run-down, gas guzzling used cars from a shady buy here pay here car lot in Seattle. On the other hand, at Doug's, we offer car buyers peace of mind with new and late model used car financing for all. We even offer auto loans after bankruptcy. Our certified used cars go through a rigorous 150 point inspection and Limited warranty up to 60,000 miles. It's easy to qualify for car loans at Dougs Credit Center, all you need is:

  • $700 Per Month Income Minimum
  • Valid Drivers License
  • Washington Resident
  • 18+ years old
  • Full Time Employment

It's fast and simple. Apply online, visit our car lot, pick out a car, sign a few documents, shake hands and drive away. At Doug's you'll be burning gas the same day.

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