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How Can I Check My Child’s Credit Report?

In today’s day, so many credit problems exist that people in the Seattle area need to worry about, and one of them is our children’s credit reports. How can you check your child’s report, and why might you need to do so?

Understanding The Reasons

Sometimes, a person will steal a child’s identity. The thief assumes that no one will find out until the child is a grown adult, at which point they will have bad credit score to deal with. However, for all of those years, this person is making charges and opening lines of credit in the child’s name. If you order a copy of your child’s credit report, then you are going to be able to see if such illegal activity is happening.

Contacting The Agencies

In the United States, there are three main crediting agencies that you can contact to check your child’s credit. They are TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. Each one has its own set of requirements governing how Seattle area residents must request copies of their children’s credit report. Generally, you will have to send in paperwork and prove that you are the parent of the child. Be sure that you follow the procedures directly. It is not likely that they would accept any such orders over the phone because they need proof that you are who you say you are.

What to Look for

Unless your child does have a credit card or some sort of auto financing loans in his or her name, it’s unlikely that any credit is going to show on the report. Therefore, you should be aware of any signs that fraud has been committed. Even if it’s just a small amount, now is the time to stop these problems from growing larger and more serious. In the event that you notice some illegal activity on that report, make sure you call the crediting agency back right away. You now need to go through the process of removing that information and reclaiming your child’s identity.

Checking your child’s credit report is obviously quite important to do. You want to know if any problems are brewing. To check the report, you should:

  • Understand why you are checking it in the first place.
  • Contact TransUnion, Equifax and Experian to find out what their requirements are for requesting the report.
  • Go through the reports entirely and thoroughly to check for any problems on them.

Once you have completed this goal and gone through all of the reports, you can rest assured that your child’s identity is safe for now.

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