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How Can I Check My Credit Report For Free?

You should always make it a habit to check your credit report at least three times a year. Everyone is entitled to one credit report from each of the three credit bureaus once a year, which means they can request a credit report every four months. Monitoring your credit report closely is absolutely vital to making sure that when you apply for car loan that you have your credit under your control. It is also one of the best ways to get alerted to the possibility of fraud under your account.

How to Check Your Credit Report for Free

Checking your credit report for free is usually a fairly simple process. All you have to do is first decide where you will get your credit report from. Your options are below. Once you have decided on where you would like to get your credit report from, you will only need to create an account with your basic biographical information. Once this has loaded you will usually need to answer a few questions regarding your financial history, and once this has been done you will receive your credit report.

Where to Check Your Credit Report for Free

There are a number places that you can go to get a free copy of your credit information before you engage in auto or home loans. The best places to start are usually:

Annual Credit Report
Annual Credit Report will allow you to pull your credit report for free from all three of the major credit reporting bureaus. The website is very easy to use and developed for beginners to advanced users, which means that it is often the simplest way to pull a free credit report. It can also be used to pull credit reports simultaneously from multiple vendors, which can be very convenient.
Experian is one of the major reporting bureaus and it is one of the most commonly used. You can pull your credit report directly from this bureau.
Transunion is one of the credit reporting bureaus most often used for automobile loans. You can ask your dealership if they use Transunion, and if so you can look at the same report they are seeing.
Equifax is a very commonly used reporting bureau. Accessing your Equifax report directly through their website is an easy way to get your credit report.

Using either of these services can help you become more familiar with your credit history without paying anything. So remember, before you sign off on a car loan, home mortgage, or credit card to take full advantage of your free credit report.

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