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How Can I Check My Credit Score Free of Charge?

It can be very frustrating for some consumers that a credit score, while being absolutely vital in our society, cannot usually be obtained for free. While there are government regulations that mandate the availability of a score, there is no such regulation for a credit report. Many consumers can safely estimate their credit score by checking your free credit report, but it is not an exact science because credit is comprised of so many aspects and the algorithms are used to determine consumer risk are quite complex.

How Can I Check My Credit Score Free?

  • There are a few ways you might be able to obtain a free credit score. Some credit companies will offer this as a part of another service. You should check all of your associated services such as your credit monitoring service to see if they offer a credit score.
  • Some banks, federal credit unions or credit card companies also provide a free credit score with their services, but you should check with them about this because sometimes the score they offer is just an estimate.
  • You can sometimes ask your lending agency what your credit score is, though this is usually done after you have already been rejected for a car loan or home mortgage. Most lending agencies such as home mortgage companies will gladly tell you your credit rating after they pull your credit.

How Can I Tell if My Credit Score is Good?

A FICO standard credit score will run from 350 to 850. However, most people within America will usually have a credit score in the 600 or 700 range. This is usually considered average. Those that have credit scores above 700 are usually considered those with good credit, and those with credit scores above 800 are considered to have superb credit.

Anyone that has credit under 550 has very poor credit and will likely be turned away from loans. However, those interested in buying a car with poor credit still may have hope; there are many dealership loans available for those of any type of credit profile, and some of them won’t even pull the consumer’s credit to check it.

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