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How Can I Get a Free Credit Report Without a Score

Getting a free credit report without a score is actually very simple due to new government regulations. In fact, it’s a little more difficult to get a report with a score because of the small monthly or annual fees. All consumers with no credit can receive a copy of their report an annual basis in most cases.

Due to the fact that there are three separate credit reporting bureaus, most people will be able to request their free credit report three times a year. Some will even want to request their credit report every four months to ensure consistent monitoring of their accounts, the amounts they have due and any new developments.

Free Credit Report Websites

Getting a free credit report without a score is as simple as going to the government website, Annual Credit Report needs to be distinguished from Free Credit Report, though Free Credit Report has had more media coverage. This website is operated under the direction of the government and allows consumers to request their report from any of the three major credit reporting bureaus.

Free Credit Report does the same thing but also requests credit card information and asks the consumer to sign up for a monitoring service. Consumers that are not paying attention or do not cancel the subscription in time will often end up paying significant fees.

What is a Credit Report

Credit reports are simply an outline of all open credit accounts and adverse credit actions regarding a specific consumer. They do not give a consumer their actual credit score. Credit scores usually need to be purchased, and a consumer does not have any right to a free credit score. Furthermore, most lending agencies have their own type of specific credit score.

Many car loan dealerships have an automotive credit score and mortgage lenders have a home buyer’s credit score, each of which is adjusted based on the industry that it is focused in. This means that even if a consumer is aware of their actual score they may not be aware of their specific ratings regarding certain industries and specific purchases.

Getting a credit report is extremely important. Not only can obtaining a credit report protect a consumer from theft, it can also help them identify and work on problem areas in their financial history. Credit reports will show any issues the consumer has along with when these adverse actions will expire. Consumers can also locate other problem areas and work on them with the help of a credit counselor.

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