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How make sure you have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve

Everyone loves to “party” on New Year’s Eve — whether it involves alcohol or not. The people, the food, the fun and, yes sometimes, the drinks are the center of it all.

With New Year’s Eve coming up, we want to share our best wishes with you, but we also want to make sure your festivities are safe and healthy for you and yours.

Some tips guaranteed to keep you safe

If you do plan to indulge in beverages that night, driving your car you bought with guaranteed auto credit is a sure way to put you and others at risk. Before you even head off for a night of celebration, take these suggestions from Consumer Reports into account.

  • Plan on not driving before you even start drinking, that settles a whole lot of issues later on in the evening.
  • Line up a designated driver or give your host your keys at the outset.
  • Take a good map of your public transportation with you and plan on using it at night’s end.
  • If you don’t have public transportation, find the number of a taxi service beforehand so you’ll have it ready when the time to go home arrives. Many cities often have volunteer services for driving people home on New Year’s Eve.
  • Don’t drive – but don’t walk either. Walking while intoxicated will not keep you much safer. The IIHS reports that New Year’s Day has the highest level of pedestrian fatalities than any other day of the year.

How to survive the day after

Although you may be at home in your own bed safe and sound but feeling really bad credit yourself for making smart decisions about not driving your used car around Seattle the night before. We searched the Internet for some advice on how to recover and found these tips from Dr. Oz:

  • Drink as much water and non-caffeinated beverages as possible, because alcohol depletes your body of much-needed nutrients and fluids
  • While you might be feeling a bit groggy, dizzy or sick to your stomach the day after, try to avoid taking analgesics such as Motrin or aspirin because these won’t mix well with the alcohol left in your system and can really irritate your stomach, making you feel even worse.
  • Reload your body with the nutrients it needs by taking healing supplements that contain vitamins B and C and magnesium.

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