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How to Dispute a Credit Report

Buying a new car involves quite a number of steps. Very early on in the process, you should be looking into a copy of your credit report to get an idea of where you stand in financial terms. If that report show errors on it, you could be at risk of applying for a bad credit auto loan and should take steps to dispute the problems.

Identify The Issue

It is going to be very difficult for you to articulate the issue or for the agency to understand what is wrong if you are unable to clearly identify the issue. When you file the claim, it is necessary to include specifically what the issue is. Even in the early stages, you want to point out what the exact problem is and where on your report it shows up.


Call The Reporter

Is the error from a specific credit card that you have? Did the mistake come from your car loan company? After you figure out what the issue is, you should call that company. The representative might be able to tell you where the error came from or how it appeared on your report. This step will help you to determine if it was an error or if you are a victim of identity fraud.

Contacting The Agencies

Now, if the loan provider or a finance company for bad credit is unable to do anything about the issue, you will have to go to a step further. The three crediting agencies in this country are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, so you will want to contact them. You’ll want to file the claim with the entity that is reporting the error. It’s always smart to call up the specific agency to find out what the requirements are for such a claim. Doing so ensures that you send the correct information the first time and are able to have the issue resolved more quickly.

Disputing an error on your credit report might seem overwhelming at first, but it is certainly possible. You need to:

  • Figure out exactly where the error lies.
  • Call the entity that reported the error in the first place to find out what can be done.
  • File an official claim with one of the credit agencies in the United States.

Working toward getting rid of errors on your credit report can help you to have a better chance at being approved for a car loan.

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