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How to Find Out Your Credit Score for Free

Everyone knows that it is easy to get a free credit report, but getting a free credit score can be a little harder. If you want to get your credit score for free there are a few things that you can do, though it may be a bit of a challenge at first. Getting a credit score is useful for a variety of reasons, and a credit score itself is extremely important for many and should be managed as often as possible.

Two Reasons Why You May Need Your Credit Score

Getting a large loan.
If you are interested in getting an auto loan you should consider checking your credit score now. Checking your credit score immediately will save you from surprises once you are at the dealership.
Repairing your credit.
If you are currently attempting to repair your credit you may be interested in finding out what your progress is and how much more work you will have to do on it.

How Can You Get a Free Credit Score?

Getting a free credit report is as easy as going to the government-supported annual credit check website, but most of these reports don’t offer you an actual credit score. Instead, if you want to get a credit score free you may have to visit one of the credit reporting bureaus or a credit score service. Most of these services offer you a free one month trial. You can sign up for the one month trial, get your credit score, and immediately cancel the trial. However, you should be aware that many people forget to cancel their trial and end up getting charged on a monthly basis. You can also only sign up for a free monthly trial once, so this will only work once.

Asking Your Lender

You can also access your credit score by asking your car loan lender about it when you are applying for financing. Your lender is legally allowed to give you your credit score after they have pulled it, and you can even request that they give you the full report. This can be very useful if your score isn’t what you thought it was.

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