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How to Use New Car Incentives with Bad Credit

These days, when it comes to buying a car, many vehicle dealerships out there offer what they refer to as “new car incentives” as a way of enticing people to purchase a vehicle from them; but some auto loan lenders will not allow for any. These incentives can vary from dealership to dealership, but often include giving the buyer a certain percentage back upon purchase of the car, free gasoline, or a number of other benefits. However, the only drawback to incentives is that they are typically only available to buyers with a certain income or credit score. In this sense, they can seem a little bit unnecessary, since the people with good credit are typically not the ones who need the incentives to begin with!

So if you have less than perfect credit, you may be wondering how to use new car incentives when you need a bad credit car loan. Some people are under the misguided assumption that this is simply not an option, but the good news for you is that this could not be further from the truth. So if you are in the market to buy a new car and want to know how to use new car incentives with bad credit, be sure to read on to find out.

Using New Car Incentives with Poor Credit

  1. First, you will need to pick out the car that has the incentive you want. Perhaps it is a few thousand dollars in cash back or a similar bonus.
  2. Next, you will want to speak with your car salesperson to find out what the minimum qualifications are for receiving the incentive. If you do not meet them–which most people do not–ask him or her if there is any way to be approved for them anyway.
  3. At this point, many dealers will say “no,” but the truth is that they can always override such a requirement. At that point, you should claim that you are going to buy the car elsewhere.
  4. Now, the vehicle salesperson is faced with the decision of giving you the incentive or losing the deal altogether. If he or she is smart, then you will receive the incentive and both sides can be happy.

Enjoy the New Car Incentive
As you can see, while there may be guidelines in place to prevent people with poor credit from receiving new car incentives, the truth is that these can be–and often are–overridden to please the customer.

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