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Not All Online Car Loan Companies are scams

When it comes to time to hunker down and really take a look at your options for auto financing many people find themselves overwhelmed. The feeling of being in over your head can quite often land you on the biggest source of information in the world; the internet. But when it comes to applying for a car loan, can you trust all of the personal information required for auto financing to just any website?

Stay Safe when Applying Online

Before putting any information online it is imperative to make sure there is a place to easily contact the company; this goes for the vast majority of websites, not just used car auto loan sites. There should be a clearly marked contact or about us page that has an easy way to reach out, such as…

  • Contact Form
  • Listed Phone Number
  • Listed Business Address
  • or E-Mail

Any company that does not want to be reached may not be the best place for a car loan, no matter what they claim to offer.

Is the Auto Loan Application Secure?

After verifying if the website has made an effort to become reachable and properly identifying who they are we need to make sure your information will be securely submitted to them. When you navigate to the part of the website where you enter your information (typically the auto loan application) in the URL bar in your browser you should see a padlock along with an “https” like shown in the image to the right. This padlock identified that the webpage you are on currently has a verified and secured connection to safely transmit your used car loan application to the lender.

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