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Old Car Batteries in New Stop Start Vehicles

In today’s day and age, the rush to develop more fuel efficient vehicles is more prevalent than ever. In the wake of a push for more eco-friendly cars and trucks, many auto makers have begun to develop systems that will allow vehicles to temporarily turn off their engines while completely stopped or in idle in attempt to increase fuel economy.

A top engineering and research executive says, “Your battery will no longer be starting your car once or twice per day. With stop/start systems, it will go from performing about 5,000 starts in its lifetime to 50,000 starts”.

With such an increase in overall strain on the battery, clearly a car’s battery is proving to be quite vulnerable in the development of an efficient stop/start vehicle. Battery manufacturer Exide has come up with a solution they call Advanced Glass Mat that utilizes pre-existing technology in a new light. These types of batteries have been used for years in commercial and industrial applications for reasons such as providing large amounts of backup power during outages; but this new battery has a few slight differences.

  • Your typical new car battery can take up to a minute of driving time to recharge from the power used by the accessories needed to operate during the typical stop/start situation.
  • Over the lifetime of a battery, the total time needed to perform a recharge for the same process can take up to 10 minutes (which takes around a year for a typical battery).
  • While this new type of battery made by Exide can cost nearly twice as much as your typical car battery, the lifetime of a new Exide battery can be up to 6 to 12 times longer in the same stop/start vehicle.

So all the while, if you are looking to get your foot in the door and on your way to reducing your overall carbon footprint, one of these new batteries might be a step in the right direction for your new stop/start enabled vehicle.

Even if you need an auto loan to afford your next vehicle, applying online is quick and simple. It is estimated over the next 10 years that this fuel economy-saving stop/start technology usage will be on nearly 50% of vehicles in the United States. So you don’t have to run off to the nearest auto finance company right away, but you may want to apply online to save some time.

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