How to Purchase a Car After Filing for Bankruptcy


When you sign the paperwork and documents that help you file for bankruptcy, you probably feel a little nervous about your future. You worry about what will happen you need a home loan or a credit card, but you shouldn't worry. If you need to know how to qualify for a car loan after bankruptcy, you might think that you only have a few options. Thanks to great and caring auto financiers in Lynnwood, WA you can apply for a loan regardless of your credit history.

How to Buy a Car After Bankruptcy

You probably want to know how to purchase a car after filing for bankruptcy because you heard that it's nearly impossible. If you visit the Dougs Credit Center dealerships, you might find that they're less likely to work with you because of your bankruptcy, but those dealers are far from your only option. The best car financing companies in Lynnwood will offer you a guaranteed loan based on your life and current finances. These companies understand that you had a few mistakes in the past, but it won't hold those mistakes against your future.

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Getting Your Car Loan

When you apply for a bankruptcy loan, you need to bring along some documentation with you:

  • Your most recent paycheck
  • Your most recent bank statement
  • Your driver's license

Your driver's license shows the company that you are legally able to drive in your state, and your license also shows your current address and date of birth. The company looks at your paycheck to establish that you have a current job and meet any income requirements that it has in place. Most Washington lenders require that you bring home a certain amount of money every month. Not all companies require a bank statement, but if you want to make automatic car payments, you need to bring a statement with you.

You might file for a bankruptcy for a variety of reasons. Some file for bankruptcy after an unexpected illness, while others see the bills pile up after losing a job. Though a bankruptcy can stay on your credit history for years, it doesn't have to hold you back in life. You still have access to car loans, and some companies will let you apply for a loan just a few weeks after you file. With the right car loan, a past bankruptcy won't stand in your way of getting a new car.

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