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The best ways to avoid a traffic ticket

When out on the road, one of the biggest fears that most people have is getting a traffic violation. From all the way to a speeding ticket to down-right reckless driving for some; after the cost of you current auto loan the fines and penalties associated with a traffic ticket are just not worth the risk. So here are some simple ways to avoid the hassle of being written a citation.

  • The easiest way to avoid a traffic ticket? driving within the speed limit, even if a “herd of vehicles” is speeding ahead.
  • Keep your car is good condition. Having your vehicle in good working order without any gaudy or custom modifications. These things makes it easier to blend in with the flow of traffic making it more difficult for an officer to notice thing you may be doing wrong.
  • Replace broken head lights and brake lights. Having any broken lights on the exterior of your vehicle is illegal, and almost impossible for an officer not to spot.
  • Properly calibrated speedometer. It is important to have all of your panels working properly to ensure you are in fact doing the speed your gauges tell you.
  • Drive in the “middle of the pack”. When driving along in a cluster of vehicles, try to remain near the center of the group to avoid a possible traffic infraction (if in fact the group is speeding); being in front or behind “the pack” can make you an easy target.
  • Drive behind fast moving cars. Too often when another driver is speeding their high speeds will be picked up on radar first, but check for any sudden brake lights as a sign of a possible on-duty officer.
  • Do what the truckers do. Although most truckers will be traveling as slower speeds than most motorists, they are kept in the loop of any possible patrol areas or speed traps via their network of CB radios.
  • Pulled over? Two hands on the wheel, immediately. Before approaching any pulled over vehicle an officer has to asses the level of possible danger they are encountering; not rustling around the cab can help relieve the stress of approaching your vehicle. You wouldn’t want the officer to think you’re brandishing a weapon or hiding something in your car would you?
  • Making eye contact can help gain trust. When the officer approaches the car make sure you are very polite and cooperative, but don’t admit to anything unless you have a solid reason for your violation.

Avoiding a traffic ticket can be as simple as just paying attention to the road and any adjacent signs.

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