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The Top 6 Used Car Maintence Tips for Teens

In a world of where everyone spends their time tweeting, liking Facebook pages and watching the trending you tube videos which are pinned on everyone walls, you wouldn’t be surprised that most of today’s teenagers mechanical abilities are lacking.

But as parents are concerned getting their youngsters out on the road isn’t as nerve racking as it was a generation ago. As the Center for Disease Control reports, today’s teen drivers are making far better decisions when it comes to auto safety than their equal counterparts of decades ago; especially when it comes to riding with drunk drivers and being buckled up more often. Although the trends in auto safety for teenagers are positive, having a well maintained automobile are also very important for safety. So here are a few tips to help teens (and their parents) stay safe on the road with some simple do it your self car care tips:

  1. Keep a proper maintenance schedule. between oil changes, brakes, and air filters to name a few important items to service, every vehicles owner manual will outline a service schedule to follow.
  2. Maintain your tires. Having properly inflated tires that have enough tread to last the winter seasons is very important for the safety of your vehicle and its passengers. Driving on deflated tires can also shorten the overall life of your tires in various ways.
  3. Dashboard lights should not be ignored. Just like the warning bell that is sounded when they turn on, the flashing messages on your dash indicate possible major problems and should be responded to in an urgent manner. Consult your owners manual to learn what each notification means.
  4. Don’t run low on gas. Most vehicles today run on fuel-injected engines that use gasoline for cooling and lubrication purposes and constantly running on fumes can cause hundreds in damages ad repairs.
  5. Take extra care of your windshield. It is your gateway to the road ahead and any possible obstacles that may remain in your way. Having any streaks, scratches or other marks coming from your windshield wipers are a good sign its time for a replacement.
  6. Just Slow Down. The majority of accidents and repairs required in the winter months stem from excessive speeds and the extra wear and tear needed to preform in slippery conditions.

Even if you are looking to finance a used vehicle after the winter is over, keeping any current vehicles in good condition can help keep their trade in value high. If you are currently looking for an auto loan, you can simple apply online, no matter what your credit we can help find lenders in your area that have an approval ready for your in our exclusive network.

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