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Many people around Bellevue, WA tend to think that once you have bad credit, you will not be able to get a used vehicle you want at the price you need. With used cars from buy here pay here dealers, everyone is given the opportunity to get the financing they need for the car they want. Consumers will find that buy and pay here dealerships offer up many perks to those looking for quality pre-owned autos including:

  • Ability to finance any car on the lot
  • Flexibility of payments and price since the lot holds the title to all vehicles
  • No third party lender to deal with, only those at the car lot

When you go through a buy here pay here used car lot, you are able to enjoy many benefits, not just the ability to get financed, even when you have been turned down through other lenders such as traditional banks and financial institutions.

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What is Buy Here Pay Here?

Buy here pay here is just how it sounds, you find the vehicle you want on the lot and the dealer completes every aspect of the sale until the used vehicle is paid off in full. So, if you need an extension on a payment, you go through the car lot, if you need to adjust your payments, you go through the car lot; everything that pertains to the sale is done strictly in house.

These Bellevue dealerships are able to help people get the used auto loans they need because most do not require a credit check, instead, they rely on the word of the consumer, the references given and the employment of the consumer to get the financing they need. This makes the overall approval process simple and painless for both the consumer and the car lot.

What are the Benefits of Buy Here Pay Here?

There are many benefits to a pay and buy here lot; not just the ability to obtain auto financing. For instance, if you know you are going to be late on a payment, most lots will let you call in and make arrangements, while you will likely still pay a late fee, you will be able to make arrangements much easier than with a traditional lender. Other benefits to using a tote the note lender is simply the down home feel that you get when you walk in.

Most of these "We finance" car lots throughout Washington will greet you by first name when they see you because they really get to know their customers. This will come in handy when you and your family outgrow the current vehicle you are in, they will be more willing to help you get approved for a bad credit car loan since you have that relationship with them.

The only drawback from buying used cars from buy here pay here dealerships in Bellevue is that they do not always report all of your good standing payments to the credit reporting agencies. Luckily, can provide a number of the same benefits as they types of dealers, while also reporting payments to credit agencies. This will help you improve your credit rating and make it easier to get traditional financing for a home or credit card down the road.

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