How to Buy a Used Car from Dealers with Buy Here Pay Here

When you first decide to purchase a car in Lynnwood, WA you probably think that not a lot of options exist. After all, you just go to the dealership and figure out what you want, right? Well, not quite. A number of factors come into play with guaranteed approval car dealers, and you need to decide from where you should purchase the car. One of the possibilities include used cars from buy here pay here dealers.

The Intended Audience

Now used car dealers that use buy here pay here methods are generally recommended for one particular type of audience. The cars in these lots and the plans that these Lynnwood dealers craft are generally made for people who do not have optimal credit situations. They might have very low scores, or they might not actually have any credit built up at all. If you are in this predicament, a buy here, pay here may be just what you need.

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A Non-Traditional Process

In most cases, our finance network at Dougs Credit Center can offer you a guaranteed loan as well; however, buy here, pay here lots can still be an option for those who have very bad credit situations. These entities usually do not even perform credit checks on you, so pretty much anyone can qualify. It's wise to call ahead to find out what the requirements are though before you go there and attempt to get a car.

Pros and Cons

A major benefit of this type of program is that you are generally able to walk away with a vehicle that very same day, and you do not have to worry about whether you will be approved or not. On the other hand, these Lynnwood entities usually do not report your payments to the crediting agencies, but Dougs makes a point to do so which helps you rebuild your credit. Therefore, if you are making payments on time each month, you cannot be rewarded with a higher credit score with buy and pay here dealers. Consider all of these factors when making your decision about the car finance.

You're probably rather happy that you can finance a vehicle from one of these dealers, but you should keep a few notes in mind:

  • Consider who the intended audience is for pay and buy here dealerships.
  • Realize that you will go through an auto loan process that is non-traditional to get the car.
  • Examine both the benefits and the consequences of getting a loan from one of these dealers.

Once you have weighed out all of the information, you can make a decision that is right for you and your finances.

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