You Can Get Approved Instantly For An Auto Loan

Since it's harder than ever to get a loan through a bank or federal credit union, many prospective car buyers may not be aware that they can go directly to a dealership to get instant approval for an auto loan. Instant approval and pre-approvals are all available to those who decide to take advantage of a dealer-financed vehicle. For people with bad credit or no credit this is often the best way to buy a car.

When you apply for car financing here at, you'll find out immediately how much you could qualify to borrow. That way when you visit our Lynnwood used car lot, you'll know how much of a vehicle you can afford.

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How You Can Get Instant Approval For An Auto Loan

Getting approved instantly for an auto loan is as easy as walking into a financing guaranteed dealership. Many of these dealerships will advertise that they have a 100% financing guaranteed or that they have in-house financing.

These dealerships underwrite their own loans, so even if you have very bad credit they will find a deal that works right for both them and you. Since there's no bank to consult, they can do the paperwork right there and get you into the car that you need.

Not only can you get approved instantly for auto financing loans, you can also set terms that banks usually won't allow. This means that you can get an extended loan for up to 7 years if you need those low monthly payments. It also means you can get a loan that requires a low or even no down payment. There are many ways that these loan packages can be tailored to your needs because the dealership can set the rules.

What To Do After You Get Fast Approval

Since approval happens directly at the dealership, the dealership can then consult their database for all the cars that fit your price range and needs. Many dealerships have other locations that they can search too, so that they can find you the perfect vehicle that's in your price range. Once the car has been found, you just have to finish the paperwork. Since you've already gotten your instant approval from the dealership, most of the financial data will already have been processed.

It's as easy as that to get yourself approved for a car and drive away with it within a day. Not only is the process faster with an in-house financing company, it's also often the only way to get an approval and get a car with a bad credit score, no credit score, or a bankruptcy on file.

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